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B 1993 - Littleton, Colorado


Natasha Vidger was born and raised in central Colorado and now studies and works in Indianapolis, Indiana. The subject and passion of her art was established in youth, born from the nature and wildlife native to the Rocky Mountains.


Vidger received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Adams State University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Herron School of Art and Design with emphasis in Painting and Drawing. Numerous years of study have facilitated solid foundations in various disciplines.


After the typical structured study of art in form, shape, and light, Vidger progressed into a focus of animal art. In her early years surreal platforms gave way to animal form, composing voices for her subjects and their plights. Through years of practice and evolution Vidger has experimented with the various manipulations of style ever seeking ways to convey the message she seeks.


Today Vidger produces sprawling prepared canvas delineated with life sized animal portraits, probing the duality that separates and unites humans and animals. Employing expressive realism, Vidger paints a stage for viewers to come face to face with these animals. Their landscapes are void and atmospheric, denoting the isolated environments they are  forced to traverse. Vidger’s work ultimately aims to shed light on our similarities to provoke compassion that transcends the barriers between species.


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