Bison Herd
Wild Turkeys
Pronghorn & Fawns
Black Bear & Cub
Columbian Blacktail Deer
Grey Fox
Greater Sandhill Cranes
Opossum & Young
Black-footed Ferrets
Migration I
Red-tailed hawk
Chinese Water and Fawn
Running Hares
Axis Herd
Male Chinese Water Deer
Indiana Bat
Pallid Bat
Whitetail Deer Fawns
Endangered Diptych
Chinese Water Deer & Triangles
Maned Wolf
Running Mule Deer
Cheetah and Rabbit
Cottontail Rabbit
Pronghorn Antelope
Jackal & Vulture
Sacrifice of a Turtle Dove
Sacrifice of a Trophy
Riverine Rabbit
Deer & Sheep
Male Chital Deer
Fawn #1
Fawn #2
Fawn #3
Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher
Fawn Study
Loss of Innocence
Moose & Bacteria
Frog & Fungi
Nile Crocodile and Telephone Booth
Polar Bear and Ceiling Fan
"Fallow Deer and Lightbulbs"
Mountain Lions with Streetlights"
"Andean Flamingo and Power Cords"
"Barn Owl and Lightbulb"
"Axolotl and Flashlight"
"Reticulated Giraffe with Clocks"
"Reindeer and Calf with Fence"
"Greater Kudu in Storm"
"Circus Act"
"Field of Flags"
"Swan and Lightbulbs"
"Pelicans and Lightbulbs"
"Pallas Cat in Sidewalk"
"Bongo Antelope"
"Awaiting Return"
"Flying Ostrich"
"Shark in Wine Glass"
"African and Mountain Lion Circus"
"Loss of Innocence"
"Maned Wolf"
"Pallid Bat"
"Andean Flamingo"
"Sable Antelope"
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Frog & Fungi

Oil on Canvas 28"x 36" 2016